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What is PRYNTD?

Pryntd is an AI-driven web-based social media platform that allows creators to instantly transform 2D images, videos, and live streams into 3D experiences to engage audiences better on the native browsers of smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and AR VR devices.

This allows a community of creators, audiences, and brands to bridge the physical and digital worlds with 3D technology.

The (upload, embed, and go-live) button on Pryntd’s front page allows any audience to become a creator and vice versa, creating a 3D-powered social media platform where users can like and subscribe to one another and monetising with brands on the platform with contextual in-experience call to action and ad-free subscriptions, tickets, and e-commerce.

With the community generating over 10 million views of 3D experiences and an average of 13.5 minutes and eight contextual interactions of 3D experiences from a 3.5-minute 2D video, Pryntd is proving to be the future of contextual immersive experiences.

Imagine a world where your favourite moments, stories, and creations transcend the confines of screens and become immersive experiences you can step into.

Pryntd is making that a reality. We’re revolutionising how people create, share, and monetise content in the digital age.

Join us in shaping the future of content interaction! 🚀🔥

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On average, audiences spend 13 minutes viewing and interacting with 7 hotspots, all from a 3.5-minute 2D video. This creates a fantastic opportunity for users to monetise through contextual ads, ad-free subscriptions, and e-commerce.