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We pioneered an approach that allows you to not only upload, embed and go live in 2D and 3D, you can transform 2D to 3D and add time based interactions called 4D. explorearrow_forward
s Bend the Future Share and embed your images, videos and live stream POV in 2D, 3D and 4D, based on the time and where in the scene you are viewing . explorearrow_forward h a r e s e l l A community that creates, engages with, shares and monetises experiences. Through ads (pre, mid, post roll and contextual), Pay per views, subscriptions, tickets, products and merchandise explorearrow_forward 0{{current_slide_index}} 0{{total_slide_count}} Contact

The DNA of 2D, 3D & 4D
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Create, Share & Monetise 2D, 3D & 4D
For Creators, Audiences
and Businesses
Bridging the digital
and physical worlds


An AI-driven spatial engagement platform that makes it easy for creators and businesses to integrate spatial engagement into their processes, products and services.

Pryntd features and benefits

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For Businesses

Bridging the physical and digital worlds with Real-Time Spatial engagement, on the Web and apps for seamless collaboration and Multiple perspective origins with low latency to solve critical problems from content creation to hazardous operations.

Transforming industries and processes

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Solution to

Cost and complexity, Data Privacy and Security, Interoperability, Training and Skills Gap, Performance and Reliability, Regulatory Compliance and User Acceptance

Solve the challenges of easy adoption of spatial tech

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for creators

With motion sensing, Pryntd allows 2D and 360 content to come alive, enhancing user engagement by dynamically adjusting content perspective based on device movement, offering a more interactive and realistic experience. With the tap of a button, creators can upload, embed or go live in 2D or 3D, monetising through ads, subscriptions, pay per view, tickets and merch.

Motion sensing – for smartphones and tablets

Enter Cyberspace

for Audiences

Time-coded Hotspots and Tags within Virtual Tour images and streams allows audiences to feel like they are there in person. This enhances engagement and faster call to action. They can further engage with 3D objects, move around in time and perspective as well as share and embed.

Time-coded Hotspots and Tags

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