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What is PRYNTD?

Pryntd is an AI-driven web-based, community-driven platform that allows creators to instantly transform 2D images, videos, and live streams into contextually interactive 3D experiences for audiences to access in the native browser of their devices.

Pryntd fundamentally does 4 things. 

See below:

2D content to 3D experiences

Accessible on Native Browsers

User-generated content

Contextually Interactive Hotspots and Tags within 3D experiences

Pryntd uses deep learning AI algorithms to instantly transform existing content—images, videos, and live streams—into extended reality (augmented, virtual, and mixed reality) with 3D and haptic support.

Imagine watching Michael Jackson Thriller completely immersed as if you were in the video. It gives a first-person perspective and perception of immersive (3D) experiences.

Pryntd experiences are accessible on the native browsers of smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and AR VR devices. There is no need to download apps. 

Users can get into experiences from QR codes, NFC (tap here stickers), Bluetooth, URLs, etc

Also, users can share their perspective within a 3D experience, in the time and point of view (POV) they are currently in, so that their friends can see exactly what they want them to see.

When we think of creators, we imagine social media content creators with advanced editing skills.

Pryntd wanted to not only simplify the process of creation, especially in a 3D space, but to empower any user to become a creator.

This allows the role of the user to move beyond content creators to anyone who wants their digital content to come to life as 3D experiences.

This digital transformation transforms processes in entertainment, live events, shopping, tourism, the arts and culture, fashion, education, real estate, and much more.

The (upload, embed, and go-live) button on Pryntd’s front page allows any audience to become a creator and vice versa, creating a 3D-powered social media platform where users can like and subscribe to one another and monetising with brands on the platform with contextual in-experience call to action and ad-free subscriptions, tickets, and e-commerce.

We are building the world’s largest user-generated 2D to 3D experiences platform.

Imagine a world where your favourite moments, stories, and creations transcend the confines of screens and become immersive experiences you can step into.

With the community generating over 10 million views of 3D experiences and an average of 13.5 minutes and eight contextual interactions of 3D experiences from a 3.5-minute 2D video, Pryntd is proving to be the future of contextual immersive experiences.

Contextually interactive hotspots and tags within 3D experiences.

Within the 3D experiences:

  • Hotspot versions
    • text
    • icon + text
    • embed selection
    • embed 3d
  • Hotspot support
    • image
    • video
    • live stream video (hls, dash)
    • audio
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • gallery
    • iframe
    • pdf
    • Google maps
    • external url (link)
    • Download
    • Product
    • shortcode
    • custom HTML
    • model viewer files ( interactive 3D models ) glb / gltf
  • Hotspot options
    • active / hidden hotspots
    • hotspot action (available on hover / click)
    • hotspot animation
    • hotspot caption, description
    • hotspot audio
    • hotspot tooltip
    • hotspot popover with content (show images, audio, video..)
    • open fullscreen lightbox with content (show images, audio, video..)
    • auto open hotspots
    • save hotspot as preset
  • Hotspot action
    • link to scene
    • Point of interest
    • Look at direction in the scene
  • Create floor maps for each tour
  • Map features
    • mini / fullscreen map version
    • zoom / pan map
    • create map pins which lead to different scenes

🌐✨ Introducing Simulcasting! It can also be called Multistreaming 🚀📹 Live stream 3D experiences to multiple platforms simultaneously—Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and 60+ others.

Pryntd desires digital content to look and feel like the real world.


It is about bridging the digital and physical worlds through virtual interaction.


According to Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok, 90% of internet users prefer 3D experiences.


Interaction and calls to action increased by more than 300%, while advertisers cut their advertising budgets by more than 59%.


The most challenging aspect of 3D experiences is creating them.


One of the most challenging obstacles to the widespread adoption of 3D experiences is that creating 3D experiences used to take weeks, massive amounts of computational power, and expensive processes.


One would think 360 cameras and 3D scanners would solve these issues; however, this would require creators to abandon their highly successful methods and adopt an entirely new philosophy of immersive content creation.


Our favourite social media platforms prefer portrait (9:16) and landscape (16:9 or 21:9) video formats.


These challenges of creating and accessing 3D experiences create a chicken-and-egg situation in which creators require more audiences to justify ditching their DSLRs and excellent phone cameras in favour of 360 cameras and 3D scanners.


3D TV, VR outside of gaming, YouTube VR/360, Facebook VR/360, Google Cardboard, and Daydream did not take off as expected due to these challenges.


We at Pryntd began to believe there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Let’s make it easy for people to create, share and engage with mind-blowing 3D experiences.


Let’s make it easy to create, access and share 3D experiences by allowing existing 2D content (images, videos) and new (camera content), including live streams, to become these 3D experiences in real-time.


We know that using 360 cameras and 3D scanners creates some of the best experiences; let’s allow easy integration of these devices and their content.


So, we thought:


2D to 3D using AI.


Allow easy accessibility on native browsers using QR codes, NFCs, and Bluetooth. Allow users to share on social media via URLs easily and embed experiences through HTML and iFrames on their websites at the desired time and space.


Redefine the creator and allow any user to become a creator; develop a community of creators, audiences, and brands where brands can contextualise the content of the creator by making the interaction with hotspots and tags within their experiences become calls to action so that they can serve as product placements and ad strategies.


Lastly, expand the range of contextual interaction through hotspots and tags within 3D spaces to include images, videos, live streams, embeds, 3D assets, and more, creating almost unlimited possibilities.


This is how we Envysion Pryntd.

Pryntd is the trading name of Envysion Ltd 

Pryntd is making that a reality. We’re revolutionising how people create, share, and monetise content in the digital age.

Join us in shaping the future of content interaction! 🚀🔥