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Captivating extended (AR/VR) reality streaming of on demand and live content.
(VR headsets optional)
Immersive wearables with haptic feedback
Be at the heart of the entertainment, wherever you are
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Making it easy for content creators to convert existing and live-streaming content immersive for audiences to access on their smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, AR/VR devices.
It is difficult for creators to create immersive content, and VR headsets are expensive for users.
This is why we created PRYNTD. Our AI automatically turns regular videos immersive, while also making it easy for audiences to access on their devices. Our stunning AR/VR content also comes with haptic support, for that touch and feel to go with the audio visual enjoyment, whether they have VR Headsets or not. Fans can watch videos in 360 panorama, touch VR and full VR with motion tracking for people with headsets.
In addition to VR, our platform also supports Augmented reality and immersive live streaming.
Coming soon, you will be able to buy artist merchandise with our innovative haptic sense that simulates touch and feel.
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Slide 01 Immersive Extended (ARxVRxMR) Reality music and live-streaming content for fans to be fully embedded in the music, easy to create by artists and no frills to consume by fans. No need for extra shoots, no need for bulky goggles, belted CPUs, clunky joystics. Simply view on your device. 02 Immersive Wearables with electro-tactile haptic feedback. When fans buy artist merch, they acquire an essence of their favourite artist captured in a technological advancement immortalised in an extended reality connected T-Shirt, watch, gloves and glasses. You can feel the hug of your favourite artist even though you are not in the same room, feel the energy of their live-streaming performance as if you are standing right next to them on stage.


Immersive mixed (smart augmented/virtual with haptics) reality platform for musicians to showcase their music and better engage with fans visually and aurally.


Neural-network powered, original mixed reality content and integrating social media live streaming and merchandise – t-shirts are integrated with electrotactile stimulators for haptic feedback, stimulating senses of wearers and fully immersing them in the in-person or live-streaming experience.


Mixed reality content can be viewed with or without Head Mounted Devices (HMD – think VR goggles, glasses etc.), T-shirts connect through BLE, to smartphones and VR Headsets.



What is our story

What inspired us

Having worked in the immersive mixed reality tech space for a number of years, the team had a privilege of working with Ernest and Young on their corporate social responsibility focusing on working with entrepreneurship with music for crime prevention and intervention. We saw the role music played in people’s lives. We also saw the need to enhance engagement and help reshape how people discover and consume musical content. By bringing some of our ideas from the innovative immersive tech space and married it it to music, we could see that this is what both the artists and the fans needed. This is where our story begins…

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