1. Retail: Pryntd enables interactive 3D product showcases for e-commerce, driving engagement and sales through contextual ads.
  1. Fashion: Brands can showcase clothing in 3D, allowing users to virtually try before buying, with revenue from brand partnerships and ad placements.
  1. Real Estate: Immersive 3D property tours attract potential buyers, generating revenue through real estate partnerships and premium features.
  1. Education: Pryntd enhances learning with interactive 3D models, generating revenue through educational partnerships and premium content.
  1. Entertainment: Pryntd adds value to film promotions with 3D experiences, monetising through studio collaborations and ticket sales.
  1. Travel: Virtual 3D tours of destinations and experiences can generate revenue through travel partnerships and contextual advertising.
  1. Healthcare: Pryntd visualises medical concepts in 3D, with revenue from healthcare partnerships and premium content.
  1. Automotive: Car manufacturers can showcase vehicles in 3D, earning revenue through brand partnerships and interactive ads.
  1. Gaming: Pryntd can offer 3D game previews and generate revenue through collaborations with game developers and in-app purchases.
  1. Events and Conferences: Enhance virtual events with 3D experiences, earning revenue through event partnerships and ticket sales.
  1. Advertising: Brands can leverage Pryntd for immersive ad campaigns, generating revenue through contextual advertising.
  1. Social Media: Pryntd can partner with social platforms for 3D content integration, earning revenue through platform collaborations.
  1. Fitness: Create immersive workout experiences in 3D, generating revenue through fitness brand partnerships and premium content.
  1. Food and Beverage: Showcase dishes in 3D for interactive menus, with revenue from partnerships and premium features.
  1. Technology: Pryntd can collaborate with tech companies for 3D product demos, earning revenue through partnerships and contextual ads.

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