Immersive Platform of

Smart Mixed (Augmented and Virtual) Reality

for Artists and Bands


An immersive Mixed (Augmented and Virtual) Reality platform that allows the audience to view and better engage with content from artists and band’s without need for devices such as VR glasses and Heads up devices (HUD – Oculus, Vive etc).

Viewers can access content on all their devices that has an internet browser. In addition, artists can add their Youtube videos, Spotify, merchandise and tour tickets to their Mixed reality content right within the platform.


Bursting with innovation, a smart immersive (neural-network powered augmented and virtual) reality that integrates live chat and Alexa.

Artists and bands can better engage with the audience, build fan-base while enhancing their entertainment pleasure. This, combined with one of the best recommendation algorithms for act discovery, suggestions, tours and merchandise.

PRYNTD is empowering the up and coming artist and band, gearing them for more intimacy with audiences. 

Artists streams




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Your Music, Merchandise, Mogul Movements

What PRYNTD does is to enable these artists to bring together every aspect of their music together in one place while engaging with fans using the most cutting-edge technologies available. This way the listener only has to look in one place to find everything the act has to offer.  

Connect your artistry dots

An immersive experience. PRYNTD allows the up-coming artist to showcase their talents, post their youtube and vimeo videos, Spotify, Apple, Amazon, SoundCloud e.t.c, sell their merchandise, sell tickets for their gigs, even chat to fans and many more…

The best part is, the artist controls every aspect of this.

With the intuitive easy to use interface, its as simple as cutting as pasting

This helps the audience connect better, have access to all the artists content in one place

Bursting with innovation

With the best of mixed augmented x virtual reality for your entertainment pleasure, combined with the best artificial intelligence for your suggestions and merchandise. We are empowering the up and coming artist, gearing them for world domination.

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