Griff – One Night, the official video. Out now, listen here

Directors: ABCDCD @ab_cd_cd
Production company: Forever @foreversashaforever
Producer: Eleri Evans @elerijaneevans
EPs: Sasha Nixon & Natalie Wetherell @miss_wetherell
PM: Lily Ashton @lilzashton
Shoot PM: Emily Mukerrins @emilyemilyemilyxox
PA: Angelica Wolanksa
Casting: Natalie Munroe @thenataliemonroeshow
1st AD: Ty Hack @tyyhack
2nd AD: Rosie Owens @rosieowens
3rd AD: Joe Mulvihill @Joe_mulvihill
Runners: Harrison Toward, Kathryn Chorley, Rowan MacKintosh, Jack Gould, Nerissa Gomez, Orlando Bryant.
Covid Coord: Yasmin Tippett
DoP: Joel Honeywell @joelhoneywell
Focus Puller: Karl Hui @huikarl
2nd Asst Cam: Nina Mangold
Camera Trainee: Salina Hailemariam
Steadicam: Ben Eely @benjamineeley
Grip: Daniel Newcomb
DIT: Elliot Chyi @elliotino
Gaffer: Paul Joy
Spark: Suzanne Sanders, Oliver Ansty, Morgan Slavin.
Video Playback: James Oluwatoyin
Production Designer: Ciaran Beale @ciaranlidenbeale
Art Asst: Daniel Munro
Choreographer: Jay Revell @jayrevellcreates
Shadow Dancer: Naomi Weijand @naomiweijand
Stylist: Kamran Rajput @kamranrajput
Stylist Asst: Karran Rajani
Hair Stylist: Roger Cho @rogercho2000
Hair Stylist Asst: Ryu Tomoyose
MUA: Michelle Dacillo @Michelle_dacillo
Catering: Sands Catering
Editor: Vincent Fleischmann @vincentfleischmann
Post Production: Creep @creeppost
VFX Supervisor: Aubrey Ghansah
Post Producer: Catia Abreu
Telecine: Rich Fearon @richardfearon @ Black Kite Studios @blackkitestudios @tamara_mennell

Label: Warner Music
Commissioner Caroline Clayton @cazclayton
Marketing: Lottie Llewellyn
Creative Studio: Imogen Snell & Riccardo T. Castano at IS Studio @issstudioworld

How long can I leave
the lights in the ceiling on
And the static front the tv keeps me company till I’m gone

Oh cus i rock back and forth
Reciting words that i said wrong
I swear i’ve been doing fine
When i’m busy and got things going on So girl what you running from

Oh maybe there’s something in the midnight hours The midnights hours ya know
And maybe there’s something in the dead of night When i’m sleeping alone
Where i always see your face
God i wish i didn’t though
Can i one night, one night, one night,
Where its just me alone

Is it cus ive been feeling guilty all along
Or is the gods just tryna tell me to move
Cus while you’re haunting me thats what youve done So girl what you running from

So i
I know what it feels like
So i
Can wake up in the daylight And my chest ain’t heavy Cus you’re not there with me Tell me when that will be

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