We envision a future of experiences, in which all our senses are catered to. A world where our real world is augmented with digital experiences, designed to enhance our view, interaction and communication with people and the world around us…

Our dream led us to develop an immersive universe where Creators engage audiences in the real and

virtual world through real-time hybrid IRL and extended reality experiences. We imagined the possibility of bringing images, videos and Livestreams to life In Augmented & Virtual Reality With 3D and Haptic Support in real-time.

This way Creators can have better engagement with their Fans on Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, TV, AR And VR Devices.

2D is no longer enough. People expect to view their content in an immersive AR VR way. AR, VR and XR with 3D and haptic support are the underlining technology behind the Metaverse.

Hybrid experiences of real-world and augmented and virtual reality, where all their senses are engaged are what fans, audiences and customers now expect from their favourite artists, performers, and brands.

With our Proprietary deep learning algorithm, we are one of the 1st and only platforms in the world to make it possible for creators and businesses to convert static 2D images, videos, and live streams into extended reality experiences at the convenience of the audience.

We strongly believe static content could be brilliant when showcased in AR VR.

We are web 3.0 focused and thereby allow creators to monetise on the platform through Ads, brand partnerships and sponsorships, ticketing and AR VR enabled merchandise.

With a strong focus in music with aim of extending to movies and other forms of entertainment. Our proprietary AI algorithm converts 2d videos and live-streams into immersive Augmented and Virtual reality content, allowing content creators to engage audiences who access on their smartphones, tablets, computers, AR/VR devices.

The immersive market, with all the promise of the Metaverse and blockchain powered web 3.0 is projected to surge to $1.5 Trillion by 2029, we see tremendous potential.

With the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Google investing heavily in immersive devices, combined with Apple’s acquisition of NextVR, depth sensing technology to support AR experiences and rumours of an immersive headset in the next couple years, this is a sector we are happy to be in, pioneering solutions with content and experience discovery.

Our team has a combined over 30 years’ experience with AR, VR, content creation and live events.

Pryntd is the trading name of Envysion Ltd Registered in England and Wales 11841118