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Immersive Mixed Reality with Haptic feedback wearables and live streams

Captivating extended (AR/VR) reality streaming of on demand and live content.
(VR headsets optional)
Immersive wearables with haptic feedback
Be at the heart of the entertainment, wherever you are
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Bubble Morph IMMERSIVE WEARABLES Wearable merchandise that
fully immerses the fan
in your music
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Build and Engage with your Audience Headsets are such a drag And we all know creating separate content for mixed reality kills your budget We use innovative webXR so that users don't need headsets to view content. Use the same YouTube video for Mixed Reality Learn More LiveStream your shows Same audience, leverage your reach for a global touch with your fans. They remain plugged in with your YouTube, Insta, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter live. With haptic feedback on immersive wearables Learn More XR x 3D x Wearables Mixed Reality combined with 3D and wearables with electro-haptic feedback. Now that is what we call Immersive Wearables. Sell your custom made wearables as merchandise. Learn More

Shoot your shot
Our software will do the rest
Same video as your YouTube
No need to shoot separately
Your livestreams
Same audience
Really feel the music
Simply upload
Engage better with fans