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These videos were transformed from 2D 16:9/21:9 videos in real time. As an artist, creator, business, this is something you can do on Pryntd.

PRYNTD offers a revolutionary platform that seamlessly converts real-world and 2D content into extended-reality experiences in real-time. This enables creators and businesses to easily engage with their audiences and customers on their devices.

With PRYNTD’s proprietary AI technology, users can experience visually stunning, audible, and haptic-supported immersive experiences that cater to all senses.

By utilising links, QR codes, and NFC tags, PRYNTD’s platform facilitates seamless interactions with fans, audiences, and customers.

The best part? It’s free, fast, and easy to sign up, making it ideal for businesses in music, fashion, lifestyle, retail, shopping, advertising, marketing, and promotions.

Experience engagement levels soar by more than 250% with PRYNTD.




Pink Panthress x Ice Spice

sam smith x kim petras

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We are a Web3 platform that transforms real-world and 2D content into immersive experiences in real-time to allow creators to better engage audiences.  We would love for you to join us by signing up. Tap the link below.

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