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Allows the creation of real-time spatial engagement, accessible on native browsers and apps from phones to and AR VR devices. It also transforms 2D streams into spatial interactions, supporting from phone cameras to CCTVs.

Bridging Gaps

Solves problems related to cost and complexity, data privacy and security, interoperability, training and skills gaps, performance and reliability, regulatory compliance, and user acceptance.

what is it

Pryntd pioneered a spatial engagement technology that allows creators and businesses to integrate spatial interaction into their processes, products and services. It enables them to craft interactive multi-sensory engagement experiences for better collaboration and human-machine interaction that were once only possible through complex and expensive processes.

Real Time

3D x AI x Robotics

Supports multiple perspectives with low latency, from devices for data input and output that include smartphones, 360 cameras, 3D scanners, printers, deep learning and computer vision algorithms, haptics and robotics

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Kill Bill
Anti Hero
Taylor Swift.
Sam Smith & Kim Petras.
Calm Down
Rema & Selena Gomez
Last Night
Morgan Wallen.
Miley Cyrus
Rich Flex
Drake & 21 Savage.
I’m Good (Blue)
David Guetta & Bebe Rexha.
Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage.
As it was
Harry Styles.
Cuff It
Die For You
The Weeknd.
Bad Habit
Steve Lacy.
Morgan-Wallen-Last-Night-One-Record-At-A-Time-Sessions Miley-Cyrus-Flowers-Official-Video

PRYNTD.xyz seamlessly bridges physical and digital worlds, using AI to create interactive 3D from 2D, panorama, and 360 content, with motion-sensing for streaming and virtual tours. Motion Sens-3D PRYNTD Presents CONTINUE Pryntd is the perfect answer for seamlessly bridging the physical and digital realms. This innovative AI-driven platform transforms 360-degree, panorama and even 2D content into captivating interactive 3D experiences. Connect-3D Bridging Realities CONTINUE Pryntd’s unique user-generated content model empowers creators to monetise their work through revenue share ads, ad-free subscriptions, tickets, and e-commerce. Accessible across native browsers of various devices. Monetis-3D User Generated CONTINUE Pryntd eliminates accessibility barriers, sparing users from needing expensive headsets. Pryntd ensures an immersive experience without breaking the bank by leveraging intuitive motion sensing with the gyroscope and accelerometer. Web Bas-3D Removing Barriers ENGAGE NOW Pryntd isn’t just a platform; it’s a revolutionary game-changer, transforming the digital content engagement landscape with 3D interaction on native browsers, with User-Generat-3D content and revenue streams Game Chang-3D Enhancing Engagement Signup now

EXTEND-3D REALITY KEEP EXPLORING Learn how Pryntd is being used for
Music, Art, Tourism, Shopping,
Advertising, Fashion, Education,
Events, Real-Estate, Digital Twins,
Hazardous operations, collaboration,
Remote support, smart cities, e.t.c

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Interactive Spatial Engagement
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and Businesses
Bridging the digital
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An AI-driven spatial engagement platform that makes it easy for creators and businesses to integrate spatial engagement into their processes, products and services.

Pryntd features and benefits

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For Businesses

Bridging the physical and digital worlds with Real-Time Spatial engagement, on the Web and apps for seamless collaboration and Multiple perspective origins with low latency to solve critical problems from content creation to hazardous operations.

Transforming industries and processes

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Solution to

Cost and complexity, Data Privacy and Security, Interoperability, Training and Skills Gap, Performance and Reliability, Regulatory Compliance and User Acceptance

Solve the challenges of easy adoption of spatial tech

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for creators

With motion sensing, Pryntd allows 2D and 360 content to come alive, enhancing user engagement by dynamically adjusting content perspective based on device movement, offering a more interactive and realistic experience. With the tap of a button, creators can upload, embed or go live in 2D or 3D, monetising through ads, subscriptions, pay per view, tickets and merch.

Motion sensing – for smartphones and tablets

Enter Cyberspace

for Audiences

Time-coded Hotspots and Tags within Virtual Tour images and streams allows audiences to feel like they are there in person. This enhances engagement and faster call to action. They can further engage with 3D objects, move around in time and perspective as well as share and embed.

Time-coded Hotspots and Tags

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