PRYNTD - Experience Immersive

We envision a future of experiences where all our senses are catered to... A universe where Creators engage audiences in the real and virtual world through real time hybrid experiences. We imagined the possibility of bringing images, Videos and Livestreams To Life In Augmented & Virtual Reality With 3D and Haptic Support.

To make it possible for creators to better engage their fans on smartphones, tablets, computers, TV, AR and VR devices.

2D is no longer enough. People expect to view their content in an immersive AR VR way. AR, VR and XR with 3D and haptic support are the underlining technology behind the Metaverse. Hybrid experiences of real-world and augmented and virtual reality, where all their senses are engaged are what fans, audiences and customers now expect from their favourite artists, performers and brands.

With our Proprietary deep learning algorithm, we are one of the 1st and only platforms in the world to make it possible for creators and businesses to convert images, videos and live streams into
Augmented and Virtual reality with 3D and Haptic support in real-time to better engage their fans, audiences and customers on smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs & AR/VR devices

The Future begins here…

AUGMented reality

AR experiences in image and location based markers with 3D and holographic elements viewed as objects or in AR environments. Scan QR code, grant single use permission, keep camera on image and watch it come to life​

Virtual Reality

Videos in full VR experiences with motion sensing

360 images & videos

Images, videos and livestreams in 360 panorama

3d & haptic support

3D elements to enhance immersive experiences. Touch and feel simulation in haptic embedded garments.


360 videos are like vr without motion sensing and split screens. This means you'll have to use your fingers. Good news is it comes with playlists and you can cast to TV..

PRYNTD 360 Stream

These 360 videos form a playlist of latest music videos from some of your favourite artists. Lean back, enjoy music from an immersive perspective... and you can also cast to TV.

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          PRYNTD VR

          Watch music videos in all its glory with motion sensing, split screen and spatial audio. Ideal for VR headsets.

          PRYNTD AR

          1. Scan the QR

          2. Allow permissions on your Smartphone

          3. Place your phone camera toward the black marker to view AR/VR experiences